Working at winkler

winkler is a modern company which has always remained a family business at heart. This is why we think it is very important to work together, to enjoy straightforward mutual co-operation – and for our employees to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.  This has been the basis of our success for over 100 years.

Values we live

All our actions, both internally and externally, are based on the winkler corporate values of reliability, depth and flexibility. They make winkler into more than just a job and our employees into colleagues.



winkler is a size you can rely on. For over 100 years, the brand has stood for the reliability of a family business with secure jobs, an extraordinary social contribution and an open-door culture.



winkler is a world characterized by honesty, respect and family cohesion.


winkler stands for variety, change and plenty of space for independent working. Training courses and seminars support professional and personal development opportunities; it is not unusual for trainees to become managers.

Four divisions which make our service perfect

The winkler group comprises four large divisions which we use to offer our customers perfect service and competent specialist advice on everything associated with commercial vehicles and workshops:

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winkler-Fahrzeugteile [winkler vehicle parts]

winkler trade counters ensure individual customer care and professional specialist advice to commercial vehicle owners, workshops and bus companies in Germany, Austria, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the Slovak Republic. Some of our branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland also look after agricultural customers. The target group-specific teams of advisers are professionals in their field and are in continuous dialogue with suppliers, manufacturers and customers.

winkler Logistik [winkler logistics]

In two of the largest central warehouses for commercial vehicle spare parts in Europe, our logistics company winkler Logistik stocks over 200,000 parts for trucks, trailers, semitrailers, buses, transporters, fork-lift trucks and agricultural machinery. Our high-performance warehousing and logistics concept enables us to get the necessary spare part to the customer in the shortest possible time.

winkler Truck and Trailer Parts

Our subsidiary exports commercial vehicle parts all over the world through local trading partners. winkler Truck and Trailer Parts has access to the full winkler product range as well as to the services of winkler Logistik. The customer advisers speak eleven languages. 

winkler Fahrzeugtechnik [winkler Technical Centre]

The winkler Technical Centre based in Ludwigsburg concentrates on repairing commercial vehicles and is one of the few axle repair specialists in Germany. The local technical professionals perform all kinds of welding and conversion work and make special designs. The affiliated fork-lift truck centre provides special repairs for fork-lift trucks.

People as the focus

If you are looking for a professional challenge which not only gives you interesting areas of responsibility, but also space for personal development, then winkler is the right place for you. Our employees are flexible, forward-looking people who bring their own personality to their work at winkler and we actively support them in doing so.

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Lars Beurer, business studies student

"My sport requires me to train with focus on my goals. This also helps me at winkler: working and studying at the same time – following my goal with ambition and concentrating on the matter in hand. As I pass through all the relevant departments in my job, I can intensify my knowledge at co-operative university at the same time."

Stefanie Marx, junior departmental manager

"Dancing is a team sport. You are dependent on each other and you can only ever be as good as your partner. That is something I also keep finding at work – and I like it."

Marco Peschel, warehouse logistics specialist

"In my free time I am passionate about the fire service, I'm a fireman heart and soul. I find it moving to help people who have got into trouble. Together with my comrades. It's not that different at winkler. There too, team work and cohesion are considered important. I have to be able to rely on the others. And that's as it should be."

Martin Rüter, Team Leader

"My management responsibility at winkler means that I have to deal with a lot of very different characters. You have to be good at adapting to people. It's the same when you're dealing with horses. They aren't all the same, either, and need to be treated sensitively. You have to adapt to their character."

Thomas Saalmüller, Branch Manager, Sales Manager South-East

"On a mountaineering expedition, you experience people as they really are. You keep coming across situations where things get tricky. You learn a lot about people while you're doing that. And this is also the essential feature of a management position – that you know how to get on with people. Because people are the focus – at the company, just as they are on a mountaineering expedition."

Markus Burgstaller, technical specialist adviser

"At winkler you aren't just a number in a big faceless corporation. Social matters come first. You can exploit your potential, bring in your own ideas. Strong team play – that's also what drives me as new talent manager at the football club."

Tradition with a future

As a family business over 100 years old, we have developed a very particular tradition: we recruit our managers mainly from our own ranks. This is why we give good training and in-service training such a high priority, together with an environment with individual potential for development at over 40 locations all over Europe:

    • seminars and in-service training courses for professional and personal development
    • flat hierarchies and short communication routes
    • independent working and jobs with responsibility
    • a good working atmosphere and mutual co-operation with colleagues
    • and of course, secure jobs

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    Living values, achieving goals. Working at winkler

    winkler takes care of the necessary drive in lots of industries, but what drives winkler? Quite clearly the company values: reliability, depth and movement. These ideals determine our actions - in relation to one another, too. They define dealings with colleagues, ensure relaxed collaboration and create space for individual development. So winkler offers staff not only exciting professional challenges and interesting jobs, but also opportunities to bring their own personalities into the working environment.