More than good service

At winkler, outstanding service starts on the telephone and then continues seamlessly at our numerous locations, where you will be perfectly looked after and can also take advantage of special services. For example, we offer customized products in some areas, or economical repair options. At winkler, service has many facets – we introduce the most important below.

The mix is what makes it

Has harsh routine left its mark on your vehicle's paintwork? Then you'll be interested in this service. This gives you the option of having paint repairs carried out quickly, cheaply and with a one hundred per cent colour-match. This is made possible by Mipa's state-of-the-art paint-mixing system, which enables us to mix you virtually any shade from RAL to MCS to manufacturer-specific colours in quantities from as little as one litre. For small touching-up jobs, you can also get your paint in a handy 400 ml spray can.

All paints come in tried and tested Mipa quality and can be combined with other Mipa products such as fillers, levellers and primers. What makes the mix perfect is then winkler's rapid delivery service – meaning you get your paint the next day at the latest.

Flexible as a good spring

Our range of springs is absolutely enormous. No wonder, seeing as we've had over 100 years to grow it. winkler has been specializing in springs since the car was born. This huge experience really does enable us to solve any suspension issue.

We are especially flexible in the production of leaf springs. Here you can have springs made to your exact requirements. All we need in order to do this is an accurate technical drawing of the desired spring – and with that, our specialists will get to work.

Customized to suit your requirements

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We stock a huge range of industrial hoses and also manufacture customized hose lines for hydraulic systems and for tank and dry bulk vehicles – exactly to your wishes and requirements. To this end, we have a broad range of hoses, connections and fittings in stock – and specialist advisers who know exactly how everything fits together perfectly. For our hose experts, safety always has top priority, guaranteed by top quality in all manufacturing steps. So that in the end, everything works exactly as it's supposed to.

Take a look at the manufacturing processes for individual hoses here:

hose lines for hydraulic systems   and
hose lines for tank and dry bulk vehicles

We repair, you benefit

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Just like so many parts, the driver's seat, too, eventually starts to show signs of wear. Unlike brakes or bumpers, it is only rarely a focus of maintenance and repair - and yet it's no less important. This is because only a driver who is sitting comfortably can also work well in the long term and guide his vehicle safely to its destination.

The good news here is that defective seats can usually be repaired. winkler has specially-trained and certified specialists for this at its Ulm location; they perform all repairs on common vehicle seats. For many models - from Isringhausen to Grammer to Recaro - we provide a general overhaul or the replacement of individual parts such as valves, casters, bearing bushings or seat level switches.

We have a full range of high-quality original parts in stock for this, so that everything sits and fits correctly in the end.

For an even more comfortable workstation, we also supply accessories such as arm-rests, head-rests, protective covers or even heated seats. And if you are aiming to make a complete conversion to a new generation of driving seats, we're the right partner for that, too. Whatever the approach: compared to purchasing new, you will save cash with a repair. Talk to your winkler specialist adviser about this – he or she will be pleased to advise you, give you an individual estimate of costs and organize pick-up of the seat.

This is the way to work

Do you need support with putting together and optimizing your workshop equipment? We can set that up for you! We would be glad to support you from the initial planning stages to successful commissioning. For example, we can come to you with specialists from the tool manufacturers so that you can try out different machines for yourself.

In addition to workshop equipment, you will also need shelving and other organizer systems, of course - and we actively assist you with that, too. For workshop equipment which suits your requirements to the centimetre, it's best to get advice from our specialists. Or you can have a go yourself and use our shelf configuration tool. You can also use this to put together an organizer system very quickly.

Gives your business momentum

No matter how much your business is buzzing – you're hardly going to turn down improved marketing facilities and support with the organization of internal processes. And that is precisely the promise made by our workshop concepts.
For example, Alltrucks Truck & Trailer Service. A brand shared by leading automotive and commercial vehicle suppliers Bosch, Knorr-Bremse and ZF, which automatically provides you with multiple-brand competence in diagnostics, servicing, maintenance and repair. And consequently a competitive advantage.

Or the two workshop concepts we present in cooperation with Carat. Ad-truckdrive for authorized workshops, and TruckService for independent workshops and hauliers with their own workshops – both ensure that your success is optimized without you losing your independence.

Why choose a workshop system?

  • With multiple-brand competence, you can provide a broader range
  • You benefit from professional marketing support
  • You have access to technical information and in-service training courses
  • You get support with customer loyalty measures
  • You stay an independent trader
  • You get access to high-performance workshop software to streamline your commercial processes

Does that sound like good business to you? Just talk to your winkler specialist adviser. He or she will be pleased to support you en route to an even more successful future.

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A range of special services. The winkler services

In addition to a full range of some 200,000 parts, we also offer products tailored to your individual requirements with our hose and spring production and a paint-mixing unit. Our range of services also includes: refurbishments, seat and cool box repairs, support with equipping workshops and with workshop systems and the provision of user brochures.