You can order virtually any spare part through winkler, but buying new is not always the best solution. It is much cheaper (and more environmentally-friendly) to repair things. Our Technical Centre in Ludwigsburg provides this service for you.

We repair, you benefit


We return to service all kinds and makes of commercial vehicle and their components, such as axles and hydraulic systems. We also restore machinery and parts of installations from industrial settings. We can offer you these extraordinary repairs because we have modern engineering facilities and special tools, as well as qualified staff in perfect control of the technical equipment, machinery and tools.



Range of services


If vehicle frames, trailers, semitrailers, construction machines or structural parts of cranes or machinery get bent, we straighten them out again. This is handled by experienced staff and the latest technology - along with our frame-straightening bench and hydraulic presses with a compression force of up to 300 t. This equipment allows us to get even thick-walled components, such as aggregates from commercial vehicles, machinery or installations from the construction sector or from industrial applications back into shape.


As a tested and certified specialist welding facility, we can handle steel up to a minimum yield point of 960 N/mm2, as well as aluminium and cast iron. Continuous monitoring and regular training courses guarantee top-quality results. Our on-site service can also perform any work required directly on your premises.
We are entitled to carry out welding work on parts which require approval, for example those from construction or mobile cranes, as well as fairground rides (temporary structures).


Once straightening and welding work is complete, the trained specialists in our machining department get all worn or damaged vehicle parts and components back in shape. Whether our repair professionals are shaping, milling, turning or machining on one of our horizontal mills any item from a small part up to a component weighing as much as 6 t (and of almost any dimensions you care to mention), the machining department knows virtually no limits.

Special repairs

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winkler developed its axle repair service well over 60 years ago. The knowledge and experience gained over the decades help us repair your axle quickly and economically. We prefer not to scrap a high-quality axle with a damaged stub, but to restore it so that its dimensional stability and capacity match those of a new axle 100 %. We guarantee it. Our specialists would be pleased to advise you and will organize the logistics for you.

Commercial vehicles

If you've sustained damage, you're in the right place with winkler. We have both the expertise and the technology to repair trailers and semitrailers and to get trucks, low-loaders or special vehicles back on track quickly. Whether it involves welding and straightening work, axle repairs, checking the compressed-air system or whatever else is required. We furthermore provide brake services, axle alignment and official vehicle inspections and safety checks as well as accident prevention checks – for both vehicles and structural parts.

Agricultural machinery

Straw-cutters, mulchers, rotary hoes, front loaders, dipper shovels, shafts – wherever there are problems with trailers, combine harvesters or other agricultural equipment, we can offer you the right repair. We can perform welding, straightening and servicing work, as well as accident repairs, economically and quickly. We can also restore all makes of hydraulic cylinder and manufacture all kinds of hose.

Construction machinery

We are a sound basis for you here, too. We can perform any maintenance or repair work, as well as converting attachments or resurfacing your construction machinery by welding to prevent wear. As we have the facilities to machine even large components, we can also repair bearing seats for tower cranes, concrete pump extension arms or swivel bearings for excavators. The parts and components repaired by our certified welders can then be subjected to 100 % of their original loads.

Vehicle construction

We give you something on top – with the desired structure on your vehicle. In collaboration with powerful partners, we can realize almost any requirement – from loading cranes of all different sizes to different kinds of tipper to platform, unloading and unwinding structures – and even loading tailgates. We would be delighted to plan and manufacture individual solutions – whilst complying with all the official regulations, of course. If your structure or special vehicle is getting on a bit, we can take care of a replacement or get your old vehicle up to the latest standard.

Diesel particulate filters

Filters become like new again with winkler. A patented compressed-air cleaning system, a variety of combustion methods and manual high-pressure cleaning enable us to achieve cleanliness of almost 100 % – to Euro6/TIER4 requirements. We guarantee and check this. Any filter housing with a maximum external diameter of 400 mm and height of 580 mm can be cleaned.

Fork-lift trucks/floor conveyors

We ensure a professional repair – with a whole range of service and repair options. We can carry out almost any repair job on almost any part. From modifications to lift masts or repair of the mast bearing to lifting cylinders and fork arms - all the way to straightening work on driver cabs.


We bring hydraulic cylinders back into shape. A regenerated or repaired hydraulic cylinder can be much cheaper than buying a new one. Our manufacturer-independent fast repair will also save you machine down-time and production stoppages. If a repair is no longer possible or no longer economical to implement, we can give you a quotation for a new item if you wish.


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Peter Reuschle

Operations Manager
Telephone: +49 (0) 7141 2326-147

Sven Schneider

Marketing, Sales
Telephone: +49 (0) 7141 2326-161

Kai Uwe Beuttenmüller

Incoming Repairs Supervisor: axles, attachments, floor conveyor technology, welding, machining
Telephone: +49 (0) 7141 2326-141

Erich Wörz

Repairs Supervisor: commercial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, hydraulic cylinders
Telephone: +49 (0) 7141 2326-145

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Repair instead of buy. Repair at winkler

Whatever part on a commercial vehicle, bus, agricultural machine or in the workshop is broken, winkler can replace it. Or even repair it. We offer this service at our Technical Centre in Ludwigsburg. Here we carefully repair commercial vehicles of all kinds, as well as vehicle components such as axles and hydraulic systems, for example. We also get machinery and parts of installations from industrial settings working again. Our range of services also includes straightening, welding and metal-cutting techniques, as well as complex structural conversions and additions which we carry out in collaboration with leading manufacturers.