Vehicle components and securing of loads

Looking for particular vehicle components or for solutions to help you transport your cargo safely? Then you've come to the right place. We have a comprehensive range of high-quality products, from mud-flaps to tipper mountings and clamping and lashing straps.

Quality which counts

Vehicles consist of many components – and you can get most of them from us. Our enormous range includes mud-guards, mud-flaps, trailer and semitrailer couplings, for example – as well as wheel chocks and support equipment. In addition, we have an unusually large selection of spare parts for all common structural parts, trailers and semitrailers.

Another focus of our range is the securing of loads. After all, your cargo needs to reach its destination in perfect condition. Products such as lashing straps, non-slip mats or clamping straps all help – as do our advisers, who will develop the right solution for you from the correct components.

Only our tool boxes are yet more closely matched to your requirements – these are made accurate to the millimetre for your vehicle in line with your specifications.

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Vehicle components and securing of loads

NEW! 600 pages of structural vehicle parts, structural tarpaulin parts, structural parts for interchangeable and tipper bodies, vehicle connection elements, frame accessories, mud flaps, dirt traps and information signs.

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winkler has it all. Vehicle components and solutions for securing loads

A vehicle component needs replacing urgently - winkler can help here, too, with a large range covering all the important parts from mud flaps and dirt traps to trailer and semitrailer couplings to chocks and various support devices. We also carry a large selection of load-securing products ranging from lashing straps to non-slip mats to clamping bars. Specialist winkler advisers quickly put together ideal solutions from the right components. There are also professional training courses to turn everyone into a professional securer of loads.