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Is your engine cooling system or air-conditioning unit faulty? No need to get into a sweat - with its extensive range, winkler will soon bring back a breath of fresh air and optimum working temperatures.

Lots of freshness in stock

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Engines and machines work better at the right temperature and we humans, too, feel better. However, you usually only notice the importance of cooling and air-conditioning when they break down. Every bit as important at that point is then a reliable partner with plenty of expertise and high-quality spare parts to ensure optimum working conditions are quickly restored. In trucks, buses, transporters and agricultural machinery, as well as under the bonnet of a car.

So we have in stock all the components necessary for repairing or replacing engine cooling systems. A similar thing applies if the air-conditioning inside the vehicle breaks down, for example. An important topic, especially for buses, for which we provide a specific air-conditioning service. In providing precise identification of parts and a thorough look at the system, our experts are really only warming up – find out more about our air-conditioning service for buses here.

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Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning for buses

winkler quickly gets you a comfortable climate! On over 220 pages, the new catalogue shows around 1200 items for every servicing situation involving heating, ventilation and air-conditioning for buses.

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Bus parts

Over 1,000 pages of spare parts and accessories for buses. These also include technical systems such as air-conditioning units or door systems, as well as specialist tools, diagnostic systems and products for care and maintenance.

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Transporter parts

The catalogue provides an extensive range of parts for the most common Fiat, Ford, Iveco, Mercedes and VW series. In the Mercedes Vario section, one part is devoted to compressed air and electronics. 

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Starting work fresh. With winkler components for cooling and air-conditioning

When the air-conditioning unit or the cooling fail, man and machine quickly reach their limits. To get everything back up and running quickly, winkler supplies a large, permanently-available range of high-quality spare parts - for trucks, transporters, agricultural machines and engines. For buses, winkler also offers a special air-conditioning service which ensures precise identification of parts and provides a thorough look at the system.