Compressed air and electronic components

From a simple air canister to the complex modulator, you will find we have everything to get your vehicle and the electronics in it working again – to get your business up and running again, too.

Variety with a system

More and more technology in commercial vehicles means more and more safety and comfort – but also more and more components which can fail. If it comes to it, you will be in the best hands with us. We have a lot of expertise and a broad range which includes everything from simple spares like compressed-air brake units to complex electronic components like ABS or EBS control units to get your technology up and running again.

All spare parts come from leading manufacturers – so good quality and a long service life are a safe bet. Just like the ideal solution; in addition to high-quality products, we also have valuable diagnostic and repair tools available to you, perfect for calibrating and repairing complex systems.

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Quality on duty. Compressed air and electronic parts at winkler

The more technology is fitted in a vehicle, the more can go wrong. In the event of damage, winkler will be at your side, with plenty of experience, a wealth of expertise and a comprehensive range. The latter supplies both simple parts like compressed-air brake units or air tanks and highly complex components like ABS or EBS control units or modulators. Diagnosis and repair tools which allow complex systems to be calibrated or repaired very easily are also available.