Chemical products, care products, paints, lacquers and varnishes

Our extensive selection makes this a brilliant area. A wide range of chemical products for all vehicle and workshop requirements awaits you. And consequently the right material for every situation at work.

Materials and methods for sustainable top performance

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winkler stands for clean solutions – especially where cleanliness is involved. We will provide you with the right materials to clean your vehicle, work equipment or workstation thoroughly and to care for it properly. We recommend Chemasol-branded products for this - you can rely on them in every situation. Our large Chemasol range extends from maintenance and cleaning sprays to roller bearing grease and even special care products for cleaning vehicles. Furthermore, you will find that we also have cleaning materials for office and workshop, as well as barrier products for the skin, engine oils and additives.
Chemasol articles have optimum properties. And that's not a coincidence. The products are made exclusively in Germany, tested thoroughly and continuously checked for environmental safety. All this makes Chemasol an outstanding choice.

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You'd still rather have products from reputable manufacturers? We have those in our range too. You will find engine oils and additives from Liqui Moly, WD 40 and Ballistol, for example, or Mipa in paint, lacquers and varnishes. While we're on the subject of paints, lacquers and varnishes ... we can make custom colours in our four computer-controlled paint-mixing units. You can find more information about this here.

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Workshop and business supplies – lubricants, cleaning, paints, lacquers and varnishes

The catalogue covers the following areas on 212 pages: oils, additives and greases, maintenance and assembly, cleaning and care, cleaning products for the skin and hands, adhesives and sealants, painting and paint preparation.

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Really well-equipped. With winkler lubricants, cleaning products and paints

winkler has the right materials, as well as the right parts. The range includes high-quality greases, polishes, oils and paints for cleaning, maintaining, painting and protecting vehicles, parts and work equipment. All our products guarantee the best possible results and first-class quality. This applies particularly to articles from our large Chemasol range, which covers everything from maintenance sprays to roller bearing grease to engine oils and additives. The whole product range and materials from renowned manufacturers such as Liqui Moly, WD40, Ballistol or Mipa can be found in the online catalogue “Workshop and business supplies – lubricants, cleaning, paints”.