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Products are just part of our range of services, but an extremely large part. At winkler you will find an enormous full range of spare parts for commercial vehicles, buses and agricultural machinery, as well as products for workshops and offices. You can always choose between well-known OEM brands and cheaper aftermarket trade-mark products in original manufacturer quality. winkler simply has more in stock.

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High-end manufacturer quality or equivalent winkler quality?

At winkler you have the choice, in many cases, between products from leading manufacturers and winkler-branded spare parts in original manufacturer quality. The latter is an economically interesting alternative which we offer for example on wear parts like brake discs and pads, but also on air suspension bellows, starter batteries, filters and water pumps.

winkler not only represents first-class quality here, it also assures it. Without exception, manufacturing is carried out in accordance with the standards and directives applicable to the specific product. In addition, all our products are intensively tested, inspected, optimized and tested again before market launch – until material properties and functionality satisfy the most stringent requirements. Yours!

Clean alternatives

Exclusively from winkler: a broad range of high-performance care, maintenance and assembly products suitable for a huge variety of applications.

Our product range covers all aspects of chemical areas:

  • Maintenance and assembly products such as brake cleaner, rust remover and spray grease
  • Cleaning and care products such as truck and tarpaulin cleaner, carpet and upholstery cleaner, limescale remover and graffiti remover
  • Skin protection products and skincare products
  • Special cleaning agents for operating and workshop equipment


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Agricultural Program Overview

From soil cultivation to manure technology to hydraulic components or livestock husbandry: In 16 chapters you will get an overview of winkler's large agricultural range of products for all agricultural needs.

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Animal Husbandry, Pasture and Farm Supplies

Pasture fencing equipment, everything to do with dairy farming or stable and yard lighting: In this catalog on over 400 pages, you will find an overview of our assortment of pasture, stable and yard supplies as well as for animal husbandry.

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Bus parts

Over 1,000 pages of spare parts and accessories for buses. These also include technical systems such as air-conditioning units or door systems, as well as specialist tools, diagnostic systems and products for care and maintenance.

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Cab, engine, drive

The truck product range for the main models. With spare parts, wear parts and accessory parts for engines, aggregate cooling, power transmission, air-conditioning, on-board equipment and lots more.

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Chassis and brake parts

828 pages of wear parts for all common models of truck and trailer axles. Among other things for tractor units, trailer and semitrailer axles, compressed air, suspension and disc brakes.

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Every service for commercial vehicles

This is where to find everything you need for maintenance, care and repair. From filters and V-belts to on-board equipment and even cleaning products and workshop requirements.

Grassland and Harvesting Technology

Whether spare parts or accessories for mowers, rotary rakes or loader wagons: on roughly 500 pages you will find a comprehensive special range of products with over 3,000 items relating to grassland and harvesting technology. The catalog is completed with practical tips and technical information.

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Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning for buses

winkler quickly gets you a comfortable climate! On over 220 pages, the new catalogue shows around 1200 items for every servicing situation involving heating, ventilation and air-conditioning for buses.

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Hydraulic components

The catalogue provides a unique range of 3,000 high-quality articles on 730 pages for every application area you can think of when it comes to hydraulics. Along with technical information, tips and dimension tables.

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Lighting and electrics

All about lighting and electrics on 582 pages: Front and rear lighting, illuminants, batteries, on-board electronics and much more to light up the darkness.

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Lubricants, Cleaning and Paints

Everything for the thorough cleaning and proper maintenance of vehicles, working equipment and the workshop: Here you will find more than 1,500 items clearly summarized on over 300 pages.

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On-Board Systems and Components for Buses

Over 900 items about on-board systems and components for buses clearly divided into six categories: Info and Entertainment, Interior Lighting, On-Board Kitchen and Water Supply, Seats as well as Door Systems and Interiors.

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Parts for Commercial Vans

On 470 pages, our completely revised catalog for commercial vans includes the most important spare and wear parts in the vehicle segment. In nine clearly represented chapters, you will find over 2,400 items for a wide variety of vans starting from 2006 manufactured models.

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Parts for tail-lifts

All products for tail-lifts on over 270 pages.

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Piping Parts and Screw Connections

Get insights into the winkler range of piping parts and screw connections on almost 700 pages and clearly divided into five chapters.

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Propeller shafts and drive technology

On over than 360 pages, you will find more than 3,900 articles all about drive technology - from propeller shafts and beartings, to belts, roller chains and gearboxes.

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Safety at work

The right protective equipment for your daily business on more than 170 pages: from headgear and hand guard through to footwear, socks and clothing to first aid equipment.

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Soil Cultivation and Manure Technology

Discover over 600 pages in 9 chapters an extensive range of products around soil cultivation and manure technology: from couplings and fittings to tillers, harrows and cultivators.

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Spare Parts for Buses Euro 6

From engine and drive parts, lighting and electrical equipment as well as suspension and shock absorption, axle and steering parts, brake parts to bodywork and cab parts, our comprehensive 500-page catalog is complete, exclusively for vehicles from Euro 6.

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Spare parts for DAF and Scania

All the key spare parts and more for DAF LF45, DAF CF 85, DAF XF 95 and DAF XF 105 models, as well as for Scania 4, Scania P/R/T and Scania R models.

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Spare parts for MAN TGL, TGM, TGA, TGX, TGS

272 pages of a great spare parts range for MAN trucks. The catalogue contains all the spare parts relevant to the models mentioned - from engines to suspension to vehicle equipment.

Spare parts for Mercedes-Benz Atego, Axor, Actros

The catalogue includes an extensive range for all Atego, Axor and Actros vehicles. Clearly arranged by model, you will quickly find the right part for every repair.

Spare parts for agricultural trailer

The most important spare and wear parts in the trailer range: Vehicle components, parts for tipping hydraulic system, chassis and brakes as well as air supplying devices, electronics, lighting and more!

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Tank and Silo Parts

Divided into eight chapters and on over 300 pages, the catalog presents more than 2,600 products relating to tank and silo parts.

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Whether it be hand tools, consumable items or pneumatic and power tools, winkler has the right product in stock for every repair. You will find the full range of products and additional useful information on over 800 pages in the new winkler catalog Tools.

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Tools from HAZET

On more then 250 pages you can find everything about workshop equipment as well as numerous tools which are helpful for your daily task. With winkler and HAZET you can relay on even two strong partner.

Trailer parts

All products for trailers and semitrailers. Among other things, everything for chassis and brakes or any part required for securing loads on 736 pages.

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Truck Parts

For you we summarised on 880 pages the most common products for commercial vehicles.

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Vehicle components and securing of loads

NEW! 600 pages of structural vehicle parts, structural tarpaulin parts, structural parts for interchangeable and tipper bodies, vehicle connection elements, frame accessories, mud flaps, dirt traps and information signs.

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Workshop Equipment

From workshop setup, lifting and transport technology, testing and maintenance equipment to cleaning: In seven clearly arranged chapters, the order helper shows over 2,800 items relating to workshops.

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Workshop and business supplies – fasteners and DIN parts

In the third and last part of our catalogue series "Workshop and business supplies" you can find more than 3.500 items, including small parts such as fasteners and clamps, as well as all storage systems.

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Quality and quality control

Confidence is good, but no spare part leaves our warehouse without being carefully checked. Strict quality monitoring and constant product testing guarantee a high degree of functionality, a long service life and optimum safety. We guarantee this quality for own-brand products just as much as for well-known brands. And that is your guarantee that every one of our products will keep its promise.

Direct availability

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The best possible spare part is no good to you if it is not available at once. This is why at winkler, we have well over 200,000 parts in stock. This high level of availability is guaranteed by two of the largest central warehouses for commercial vehicle parts in Europe. And by a high-performance logistics concept which quickly gets parts to where they are needed. Customers of every winkler location consequently benefit from virtually seamless availability of parts and from individual delivery – depending on how quickly the necessary parts need to be with you.

A summary of our delivery models

    • Daily round: at fixed times, depending on the region sometimes several times a day, a delivery vehicle sets out to visit you. You order in the morning, for example, and get your product within a few hours.
    • Overnight express: if you order before 6.30 pm from Monday to Friday, parts are dispatched overnight and will be ready for you when work starts the next morning.
    • Parcel service: the rapid and reliable delivery option for parcel deliveries. This variant gets your order to you no more than two days after you place your order.
    • Carrier: especially large, heavy or plain awkward items are delivered to you by a carrier within one to three working days.
    • High-speed logistics: the product is sent to you immediately by the quickest route.
    • Go-to-Shop: all our sales locations have an inbuilt shop where you can find a lot of products, especially those you need most.

    Please note that delivery models and times may vary depending on the branch in question. The best idea is to ask your winkler specialist adviser. You will find your local winkler branch here.

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    Quality throughout. winkler products and accessories for commercial vehicles, buses, agricultural machinery and workshops

    winkler offers its customers total support with a comprehensive full range. Regardless of whether you need axles, brakes or steering, elements for lighting or electrical products, care products or paints, components for suspension, shock-absorbing or cooling, tank and silo parts or workshop and agricultural requirements. If something is missing or no longer working, winkler is exactly the right port of call. Customers generally have the choice between high-quality manufacturer quality and winkler-branded spare parts in tested original manufacturer quality. You can save even more with attractive special offers during campaigns. Furthermore, catalogues provide an overview of almost all our product ranges and application brochures offer lots of helpful practical tips. All this and the high level of availability of parts and our high-performance delivery service make winkler the ideal partner.