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Training at winkler lays the foundations for a successful future. We offer 11 different business and technical training courses as well as co-operative university courses for students at 29 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Your entry into a career

Our trainees

Immerse yourself in the working world of winkler and get an idea of our company. Read what our trainees and qualified people have to tell you about winkler and training with us.

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Andreas Hermann, warehouse logistics specialist trainee

"For me personally, it's the working environment at winkler that I really like. We trainees are welcomed right from the start. Training is very varied and there are opportunities later to undertake further training."

Jana Maier, wholesale and export trainee

"As far as my training is concerned, I particularly enjoy the variety and the different places to work. winkler encourages independent working and thinking right from the start, but you still always have a motivated training mentor at your side."

Daniel Tcaci, bodywork and vehicle mechanic trainee

"I decided to go for this training course because I have always wanted to do something with my hands. Work is fun and my colleagues are always prepared to help out if something doesn't go right straight away."

Julia Wiedersatz, office management trainee

"As a trainee, I pass through a huge number of different departments in the company. I like best the fact that work has such variety and interest, as well as the great atmosphere in the company and my friendly colleagues."

Marco Magagnino, precision engineering trainee

"Training to be a precision engineer is great fun, and I have the opportunity of learning a real skill. It is also important to keep mastering new challenges – and with the help of my colleagues, I've always managed to do that up to now."

Desirée Sauter, accounting & controlling student

"Training at winkler has variety and is giving me a good start to my professional life. Right from the outset, it was possible for me to familiarize myself with lots of different areas. You also get the opportunity to develop personally, as well as professionally, and to work things out for yourself."

Marius Bauer, automotive mechatronics trainee

"I've been interested in how cars and trucks work ever since I was a child. At winkler I can learn all about this. The thing I particularly like about my training is that colleagues are so helpful, showing me lots of things and explaining them. I really have already seen a lot in my time as a trainee."

Lisa Ziegelbauer, marketing communications trainee

"I particularly enjoy the mix of commercial, organizational and creative work. During my training at winkler, I even got two short work experience opportunities in two of our ad agencies. This enabled me to get a view of the profession from the point of view of an agency."

Kevin Baumert, business studies student

"I like the alternation between theory and practice – the only way to put what you have learned into practice quickly. What particularly motivates me is that at winkler, you are quickly given responsibility. Yet at the same time, I can always ask a colleague for advice – whether in the practical phases or in my studies."

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Excellent prospects for new starters. Training at winkler

Young, motivated people with an enthusiasm for engineering are always welcome at winkler. The specialists of tomorrow can choose on-the-job training in 11 different commercial and technical fields. But regardless of what they decide on – at winkler, new starters can expect individual and soundly-based training, a comprehensive range of courses and seminars and appropriate remuneration during training to include attractive fringe benefits. Things also look good at winkler for those aiming for an academic qualification, with four potential dual-subject courses. In addition to the variety of opportunities and the great conditions, the high probability of being taken on is another point in winkler’s favour.